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A Respected Care Giver

“Steffi has a natural gentleness & deep compassion that shines through her work with birthing families. She provides well rounded support from a physical, practical, emotional & spiritual perspective for birthing people & their families as they travel through the childbearing year"
Penny Burrows, Birthworker
“Steffi is the most nurturing person that I have worked with at birth.She brings an unwavering strength that keeps birth safe & deeply supported”
Bronny Hawksworth, Midwife
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“Stef has a beautiful calm but strong presence at birth. Her intuitive skills allow her to read situations accurately & act appropriately. She is an asset to any birth team.”
Jennie Teskey, Midwife & Counsellor
“Stef has the most warm and sensitive touch to the care she provides. Her care is down to earth & practical, all the while being gentle kind and nurturing”
Julianna Brennon – Midwife & Calmbirth Educator
“Stef brings her passion, her sensitivity & knowledge to support families towards empowering birth experiences”
Rhea Dempsy - Childbirth Educator, Birth Attendant, Counsellor, Author
“Stef has endeared herself to the natural birthing community through her consistent and attentive presence, generosity of spirit, and her touch.
She has grown highly skilled in a number of bodywork modalities, interwoven them and adapted them beautifully to the childbearing people. Her commitment to wellbeing is expressed through her private bodywork consultations, bodywork in birth to facilitate ease, and tender postnatal care. Somehow Stef always manages to combine all this skill with a lush aesthetic that leaves everyone feeling loved, nurtured, nourished and beautiful.”

Jenny Blyth - Birthworker, Bodyworker, Author & Film maker 

Mother’s Reflections

“If you have the opportunity to work with Steffi, I would deeply recommend it!

There is no element of her work, whether it was her pregnancy sessions, her supportive chats on the phone, her pelvic healing work, the incredible spaces within her birth circles or any of her intuitive process work that does not add to our capability and confidence to birth as when the time comes"

Josette, Social Worker Mother of 3
“Stef gave freely with love, abundance support & wisdom as she travelled with us through the many layers of our pregnant journey"
Louisa, Lawyer, Mother of 2
“Birthing is such a process of embodiment & Steffi held me with such a gentle power through that journey. The Birth Circle allowed me time to connect with my 3rd child soon to be arriving. She gave me incredible hands on physical and emotional support during the actual birth and deep nurturing after the birth with her hot stones & Closing ritual. Her deep trust of birth & birthing people is inspirational.
I walked away from my 3rd birth feeling like a warrior goddess & Steffi's support was a significant part of me coming to that place in my self.”

Marimba Wilkie, Art Therapist, Mother of 3
“Stef went above and beyond to look after us and I deeply enjoyed working with her. She is not only a dedicated and caring person but is also knowledgeable, reassuring and resourceful. Following her advice allowed me to be in the right frame of mind and facilitated a more relaxed and gentle experience, pre, post and during birth”
Claudia, Mother of 2
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“Thank you for walking beside me on my journey to birth. Your presence was gold as I am sure it is for many. You supported me to go on a journey of profound growth & I felt held as I faced challenges & free to be vulnerable. I also felt so very loved which was experienced by my whole family! The work you do helps create a foundation for a baby to arrive into & ripples out into the family home.”
Christine, Photographer, Mother of 3
“Stef was right there going through the birth with me & yet somehow managed to give her full support to my husband, the midwives & my older children. I felt so beautifully nurtured. I had all my needs met without even needing to ask.”
Bec, Sound Therapist, Mother of  5
“Steffi's integral care through two  of my birthing experiences brought qualities of deep nurturance, knowledge, safety & support.
These were priceless gifts in my journey of becoming a mother.
It was so precious to be exquisitely held at such an expansive and transformational time.”

Lucy, Artist, Poet, Mother of 3

Partner's Reflections

“There is a firm practicality and beautiful subtlety to the way Steffi works as a doula. I felt that every last ounce of her attention and care was focused on my wife and newborn child and yet somehow she managed to help me gain the confidence and presence of mind to find my place and participate in the birth fully.”
Kurt, Teacher, Mensworker, Father of 3
“Stef has provided pre and post natal care and support around the births of two of our children. On both occasions she has brought great sensitivity, warmth and knowledge to the birth. I am very appreciative of the practical ways she has shown me to assist my partner in preparing her body for birth and taking care of us all in the days surrounding these precious times. Thanks Steffi for the beauty and reverence with which you hold your work and all those touched by it”
Rob, Concreter, Father of 3
“I feel so blessed to have Stef at the birth of both my daughters. Her instinctive and maternal presence allowed me to drop in and be present for the moment and for my partner. I am not sure if I could have been so strong without the feeling of being held and supported by Stef. Thank you Stef for guiding us through our journey with love, warmth and care”
Brad, Graphic Designer, Father of 2
"Steffi worked with us when my partner was pregnant with our second child. She guided me through the process of assisting my partner with pelvic healing. I was daunted by and resistant to the very idea of it all, but I wanted to be as supportive as I could. Steffi was patient and clear with me. I felt a sense of lightness and ease throughout which allowed me to find my way into the beauty and pleasure of the process. It was a real gift"
Simon, Professional Storyteller, Father of 2

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“Steffi was an invaluable part of our pregnancy and birth. My wife was having a really hard time during her pregnancy and Steffi was able to help her through some big issues through a range of strategies and treatments. At the birth Steffi knew when to step in and also when to just let things take their natural course and she visited regularly after our son was born to check in on all of us”
Shaun, Teacher, Father of 2
“Before my daughter was born, my partner and I received Steffi’s beautiful bodywork treatments, along with her calming birth preparation support. This was such an important opportunity for us both to engage with our minds and bodies at a time of big change.
I left our birth preparation sessions feeling supported and better informed and my bodywork treatments feeling calm & as though my body had been listened to & realigned. Somehow I felt that, being the man, the provider, I couldn't, or didn't need to, receive any nurturing.
Seeing Steffi has been one of many steps toward true acknowledgement and love of myself. She saw me, heard me and acknowledged me, in her role as healer, counsellor and birthing guide and when she arrived at the birth of my daughter, she brought clarity, love, nurture and calm. Thank you Steffi!”
Dan, Carpenter, Father of 2.
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