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Birthwork Services

“I could write about the heavenly massages I received from Steffi throughout my pregnancy or the long foot baths in her beautiful copper pot, filled with fresh herbs, flowers and oils. Or the conversations we had, with her knowing questions, gently opening my heart and unraveling my worries surrounding my upcoming birth. Or the well-timed phone calls, always right when I needed a listening ear. These parts of Steffi’s work are incredibly genuine and hard to find anywhere else.

However, the part I wish to write about is the moment, during my son's birth when I felt Steffi’s presence enter my home. When I felt her warm and tender embrace as I lay on my bedroom floor, surging my son into the world. It was Steffi's attendance in that most intimate space that brought incredible peace into my home and into my body as I birthed my baby boy.

birth debriefing .jpeg

He was barely twenty minutes old when she held a glass of sweet, warm tea to my lips. He was barely three hours old as she stroked my hair, quietly supporting me in this new season as a mother of two. He was barely 24 hours old when she re-entered my home to serve me nutritious meals; keeping me well-fed and well-loved during one of the most sensitive times of my life. This level of postpartum care continued for six weeks, until I was ready to venture back into the big wide world with my two children; one on my hip and one wrapped tightly on my chest.


The ancient knowledge Steffi applies when caring for women is nothing short of excellent. And I've come to believe it is profoundly important. It kept me grounded throughout my pregnancy, during my birth and in the weeks that followed. She serves with rare grace and a deep connection to the mother.


I will forever be grateful for meeting Steffi during my pregnancy. What she gave me during this season will stay with me forever."

Holly, Actress, Mother of Frankie and Jack

Pre Conception Care 

The preparation for conception can be a rich and precious time. Your preparation may include tending to your own & your partner’s bodies through nutrition, complementary medicine, bodywork & massage, exploring and nourishing your mental & emotional health, strengthening your relationship,  nurturing your sense of spirit & connection to the great mystery of life & the precious being that is, lovingly being called into creation.

I can tailor a unique service complemented by the collaboration of other respected professionals that can help ensure that your needs are holistically met during this important time in your life.


Fertility Support 

Sometimes the road to pregnancy or sustained pregnancy is fraught with challenges, heart break, fear and overwhelm. Sacred Birth offers adaptable services  to support the renewal of the sacred and the beautiful in what can, otherwise be a lonely and deeply challenging passage.


Melding supportive & nurturing massage and balancing bodywork practices with simple ritual, nurturing counsel, mentoring and companionship both parents can be greatly benefitted by this unique service.

“My preconception journey took unexpected turns, revealing fertility challenges that required IVF. Whilst deeply valuing what modern medicine was able to offer us we are so grateful for Steffi's support and wisdom in helping us weave in sacred elements to what was a clinical, highly medicalised experience and to keep a focus on our intimacy, presence and embodied awareness through the process individually and as a couple. We felt so held by Steffi as she personalised the experience for us and highlighted learnings, growth and wisdom in it all. It made all the difference to our experience with that part of our fertility journey.”

Kirsten, Birth Professional, Mother of Oakley & Indiana


Pregnancy and Postnatal Care 

Uniquely nurturing Pregnancy and Postnatal Care which include restorative and balancing bodywork to suit your given phase of pregnancy or post natal experience and tailored to your needs around emotional, spiritual, relational, educational  and practical support.


Exploring and Supporting:

Pregnancy Wellbeing

Birth Preparation

Relationship Harmony


Postnatal Healing


Placental Preparations



These sessions can form an integral thread in the fabric of your journey and become a cherished part of your experience of your childbearing year.


Each visit will offer an opportunity for you to experience a deeply held space and opportunity to honour the unique nature & needs of your passage towards birth and beyond.

This service can take place in my home studio or your home & can also involve extended in house care during times of particular need where gentle bodywork, nurturing nutrition, domestic support, assistance with baby care, breastfeeding and general family wellbeing can all support you in fulfilling an optimal experience of pregnancy and postpartum.

Birth Preparation 

A Birth Preparation session will support you in building resources for birth by providing valuable skills in breath awareness, simple meditation & mindfulness, connection with your baby and birth partner, birth education & an exploration of pain dynamics and pain management.


A Birth Preparation session will also provide an in depth array of new skills and simple yet powerful bodywork techniques for both the preparation for birth and for the passage of birth itself.


Each session is tailored to suit the personal needs of your unique situation and can also provide a valuable container to explore previous birth experiences, helping to support greater peace and resolution in anticipation of your birth to come. You are assured to leave feeling better equipped and more confidently resourced to face your unfolding journey to come.

birth preparation (1).jpg

“The birth preparation session we had with Steffi truly blew me away. She taught me skills I could use to practically help Emma through the preparation and birthing process, as well as help me more deeply understand what to expect when the time comes. She was incredibly loving, kind and supportive, and I now feel calm and equipped. Steffi is a very special human, and I highly recommend her work!”

Adam, Surfing Instructor, Yoga Teacher, Father of Louie & Zepher


“Words can’t easily describe my experience with Steffi in the lead up to my birth. Our Birth Preparation sessions with her were an integral part of my emotional, mental and physical preparation. I felt so honoured and nurtured by her, as well as overwhelmingly grateful that she is offering this service. She helped me understand the initiation into motherhood, as well as helping my partner and I connect more fully into the experience. She will transform your experience of pregnancy and birth.”

Emma, Tantra is Love CEO,Yoga Teacher, Educator, Mother of Louie & Zepher

Birth Support 

Birth has forever been benefitted by the presence of a non clinical, experienced female care giver. Steffi endeavors to fulfil this age old role of “ being with woman” while respecting the importance of your partner, other family members and medical or midwifery care providers.


Birth Support begins with a 24 hr on call period of care extending from 38 weeks until the time of your birth. Your birthing care will involve in house support from the onset of labour and travel with you to your chosen place of birth if you are birthing somewhere other than home.


  • Bodywork and massage for relaxation, space making and tension relief

  • Support with effective breathing

  • Support with visualisation, body awareness & connection to your baby

  • Support with positioning

  • Support for your birth partner and children

  • Safe guarding your births’ sacred nature

  • Support in managing the birth of the placenta

  • Support in a gentle transition into breastfeeding and immediate bonding

  •  Herbal and nourishing food preparation during and after your baby's birth

““Thank you for walking beside me on my journey to birth. Your presence was gold as I am sure it is for many women. You supported me to go on a journey of profound growth & I felt held as I faced challenges with & free to be vulnerable. I also felt so very loved which was experienced by my whole family! The work you do helps create a foundation for a baby to arrive into & ripples out into the family home.”

Christine, Professional Photographer, Mother of Tirnan, Nimue & Annooke

blessing way.jpg

Blessing Circle

A Blessing Circle is a gathering of loved ones which endeavours to imbue strength, love and blessing upon the situation or individuals at its centre.


A Blessing Circle can be held during any significant life phase or time of initiation; birthdays, times of achievement, celebration or anticipation but also at times of loss & bereavement.


A Blessing Circle can be curated to suit your needs and complement your unique family culture at any life phase.  


In Preparation for Conception, Pregnancy or in advance of Birth or during Early Parenting a Blessing Circle is a Mother & Baby or Family Centred celebration.

Bringing together one's treasured friends & family a circle is formed to honour the passage to come & the significance  & preciousness of pregnancy, birth & new parenting.


Simple rituals that offer honour & instil trust & courage are incorporated into an unforgettable, deeply meaningful & heart moving experience.


'The Blessing Way infused me with a feeling of well being & support. Steffi's facilitation was so nourishing & perfectly apt for the occasion'

Maya, Community Development Worker, Mother of Arwen, Audrey & Rosie


“My Blessing way opened my heart in a new way to the imminent birth of my first son. The day was gentle, and so lush – that’s Steffi’s touch. Sitting in that circle of women whom I admire, and hearing their stories and blessings, has left me stronger, and more willing. I feel safer, and part of something I haven’t known before. My home, my body and my community are more ready now to greet this child. Almost every day now I get messages from the women who were there… the day touched everyone in some way. A reminder, a stirring deep inside, that we women hold wisdom and power for each other. Steffi’s voice, her patience and her holding, her impeccable intention… she is a space holder extraordinaire.”

Ilana, Psychotherapist, Mother of Tarvi

Bereavement Care 

Sacred Birth provides nurturing care through a journey of bereavement. This is inclusive of those experiencing or preparing for loss in any circumstance including termination, miscarriage, still birth or infant loss.


The preparation for a birth experience that anticipates loss can be an immensely challenging, fear provoking & lonely experience. Despite the profound heartbreak that is at hand this is nonetheless a sacred passage of birth and deserves to be honoured and supported akin to any other birthing passage.


There may be many decisions to be made and questions needing clarification during what can oftentimes be a fast moving and highly stressful pace of experience. Including a skilled caregiver in your journey can offer invaluable support. We can assist in emphasising the sacred and the beautiful in what is otherwise an immensely challenging experience while also supporting your family’s wellbeing and continuity of care.

bereavement care.jpg

“Steffi supported me to birth my tiny baby, Celia with dignity. She helped me to process and integrate what was happening and find the words to speak, especially with my older son. Thank you Steffi for bringing all of your care and skills, it contributed to the beautiful story of baby Celia's passage from my womb and through this world. Your care brought love and honour at a time where I felt great despair and grief.

Emile, Art Therapist, Mother of Matis, Celia & Osian

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