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Restorative Bodywork

'Steffi's bodywork sessions are divinely lovely. I sit and soak my feet in a foot bath of freshly harvested herbs and blossoms floating in warm, fragrant water. Steffi massages my feet and calves as she sings. On the table, she gives me the most nourishing bodywork imaginable.I walk out feeling utterly transformed and rejuvenated.”

Indigo, Lecturer, Professional Writer, Mother of Finn & Raphaella

Interweaving over 20 years of varied teachings and long gathered crafts and practices to support general health & balance in the body, Steffi's bodywork sessions offer uniquely nurturing, healing & nourishing experiences.


Restorative Bodywork Sessions can be curated to suit the needs of people of all ages & phases of life.

Adults, children, adolescents, the convalescing & the elderly have all been known to benefit.


  • Stress Relief

  • Relaxation

  • Digestive Health

  • Menstrual Health

  • Fertility Support

  • Pregnancy & Postnatal Nurture

  • Birth Preparation

  • Healing

  • Nurture

  • Bereavement


Gift Vouchers are available for your loved ones.

“Steffi gave me one of the most nourishing, supportive, loving & caring bodywork session I have ever had the privilege to experience. Nothing was overlooked, her touch is pure nurture!”

Naomi, Women’s Qi Gong Instructor

“At a time of physical & emotional vulnerability I found Steffi's bodywork so deeply nurturing, relaxing & strengthening, her treatments providing me with exactly what I was needing'

Chelsea, Events Manager, Mother of Ari, Pepa & Tigre


"Normally I don’t enjoy massage or bodywork. In the past I have endured the process because of the promise of relief from pain and tension. Steffi is different. A treatment from Steffi feels more like being nurtured and loved. It is an act of joyful service on her part. It feels like being healed by bliss." 

Simon, Professional Storyteller,  Father of Sage & Silvan


Pelvic Balance

Pre Conception• Birth prep •Healing

Our pelvis is the core of our physical body & many believe also the centre of our energetic and emotional bodies. The pelvis forms a bowl like base from which our spine extends and our soft and vulnerable internal organs find their home, shielded & supported by a complex system of muscle, ligaments and fascia.


Like any bowl or vessel the female pelvis is receptive, it has the potential to receive; the movements of our excretory systems, the cyclic building of the endometruim, the release of an ovum, our intimate partners and their sperm & in turn, when the time is right, a fertilised embryo.


Our Pelvis also has the potential to hold. It can literally hold onto to our waste products, our monthly cyclic developments of tissue & blood and our babies. Like all parts of our bodies the pelvis can also hold onto tension. These tensions may come from lifestyle, injury, surgery or posture. Tension may also be influenced by emotion, stress or trauma or be of an unexplainable energetic nature.


Thankfully our amazing Pelvis is also intrinsically capable of release, and is able to let go of the contents of our bowels, bladders and wombs when the time is appropriate. The pelvis is also innately capable of releasing stored tension & enhancing it's spacious potential and comfort.


The release of pelvic tension can be greatly assisted by sensitive and caring touch, our breath and gentle awareness practices.


Pelvic Balance sessions begin with a nurturing footbath, a womb steam (for non pregnant women), a nurturing full body massage and in turn focus on the pelvic space through applying gentle techniques that support balance, release of tension & the softening of scars.


This work may also assist in enhancing one's sense of embodiment, sexual health & emotional healing.  


These treatments are suitable for women at any phase of life and can be of particular value in preparation for conception and during the last trimester of pregnancy, in preparation for birth.


While there are currently no substantiated studies to validate our perspective we believe that supporting balance and freedom from tension in the pelvis may help the baby position optimally for birth, support the efficient opening of the cervix, the freedom of mobility for the bony pelvis and the smooth descent of the baby during birth.


Pelvic Balance treatments have also been seen to support the resolution and release of emotional trauma & can help cultivate a more confident, trusting, honouring, and loving relationship with one's body, sexuality & birthing potential.

“The most nourishing experience I've had for a long time! Steffi holds a beautifully safe, warm and caring space for you to fully surrender and soften. This incredible woman is a natural born bodyworker with highly skilled hands, attuned sensitivity and holds the utmost respect & reverence for your body. Every part of you will be met with loving care. My session with Steffi was a beautiful journey of relaxation and exploration. I left feeling expanded, relaxed and peaceful. Thank you so much Steffi! I'll be recommending you to women I know in Melbourne."

Bonnie Bliss, Women’s’ Bodyworker Founder of Yoni Mapping Therapy

"Steffi worked with us when my partner was pregnant with our second child. She guided me through the process of assisting my partner with massage. I was daunted by and resistant to the very idea of it all, but I wanted to be as supportive as I could. Steffi was patient and clear with me. I felt a sense of lightness and ease throughout which allowed me to find my way into the beauty and pleasure of the process. It was a real gift."

Simon, Professional Storyteller, Father of Sage & Silvan


“Steffi is the most intuitive healer I have worked with in my life thus far. As a child I experienced significant trauma in my family, which at best left me with little confidence in my own ability to birth, little trust in the power of my own body and I think still at odds with my own womanhood and the many elements of embodied experience. The preparation for the birth of my second child was initially laced with the fear of what had happened in my first. But with Steffi’s support I was able to gradually work through and release all my fears and come into a deep relationship with my own body. The pelvic healing work that Steffi offers was something that I initially felt hesitant about but after some deliberation, decided it was worth a shot. I wanted to do everything I possibly could to support myself. The process was gentle, respectful and illuminating. Steffi has a way of working with the body that is respectful, gentle and powerfully transformative. I was completely at ease and I think the process enabled a release in my inner body – from past traumas and knowing, as well as a deeper sense of the knowledge and capability of my own extraordinary birthing body, my way of giving life into this world.  Only a couple of short weeks after this session, and through months of conscious healing effort and with Steffi’s intuitive support, my child was born at home – so peacefully and easefully, in the middle of the night, in front of the fire, straight into my partner’s hands. I slept twice, easefully, during my labour.  It was not painful, it was completely beautiful…and when my little boy entered the world I crossed over into that world that many women do – that place beyond life and death, a place of deep trust. Such a birth changed my sense of myself forever. I now feel part of the river of life and experienced birth as a powerful capability that I have as a woman to be a pathway for life into this world."

Josette, Social Worker Mother of Jarrah & Balin

“I received a pelvic healing session from Steffi when I was pregnant with my fourth child and approaching my third VBAC homebirth. I have a history of big babies who got stuck in challenging positions. This caused my first baby to be born by emergency cesarean and my third birth to be very difficult. I decided to try pelvic balancing to connect to and relieve any tension inside the birth canal. My partner Matt attended the session with me. Steffi made us both feel completely safe and comfortable. The experience for me was quite incredible. There was tension in my inner pelvis that I was able to relax and release. Afterward, I felt new hope for a more easeful labour. Matt and I continued to do some of the release practices at home and I even tried it myself although that was more difficult to stay focused. I felt Steffi had given me a powerful key to unlocking some of the fears and the physical and emotional pain stuck in my pelvis and birth canal. I would highly recommend this process, and Steffi, for her calm, beautiful, and very experienced approach. In the end I had my most easeful and calm birth experience yet, (with Steffi by my side) and baby Ollie arriving after just 1.5 hours of labour. Thank you, Steffi!”

Cat, Film Maker, Mother of Jasmina, Marlo, Lucah & Ollie

Womb steam.JPG

Womb/Pelvic Steaming 

The ancient practice of womb steaming has long been celebrated by traditional cultures the world round. Womb Steaming is a simple and humble practice with the potential to offer profound benefits of healing, cleansing & nurturance.


Womb Steaming involves the use of medicinal herbs infused in warming steam for health and healing and can be valuable for menstrual health and harmony, fertility enhancement, postnatal healing, menopausal & peri menopausal support, sexual health, emotional healing & cleansing and for general  wellbeing and self nurturance.


Womb Steaming is offered as an addition to a Massage, Bodywork, Internal Work and Pelvic Balance Treatments or Closing of the Bones ritual.

“My experience of pelvic steaming was so very calming and peaceful. As I sat over my herbs I could experience letting go as I breathed out, and the intake of the healing energy through the herbs on the in breath. It was a unique and peaceful experience. “  

Anna, Mother of Pete

The Closing Ceremony

The Closing Ceremonu is inspired by the traditional Mexican and Central American ritual known as The Closing of The Bones.

I offer The Closing Ceremony after significant life experiences to assist in healing and consolidation and in support of "drawing the recipient back to their centre".


After birth, this ceremony is offered from 4 - 6 weeks onwards and is intended to honour the great expansion of pregnancy, birth and new parenting and provide one's body and deeper being with an opportunity to balance and consolidate after the big stretch of body, mind, heart and spirit inherent in the childbearing year. 

The Closing Ceremony is a humble and simple ceremony yet is often experienced as a significant marker in one's passage of integration, healing and strengthening after birth or other significant events.

Gentle Bodywork, Moxa or Hot Stone Bodywarming and Womb/ Pelvic Steaming are incorporated into the experience which culminates with a gentle body wrapping ritual using soft hand-woven cloths.


The Closing Ceremony can also be of great support during a time of loss, transition, bereavement, achievement & healing.


"The Closing Ceremony with Steffi was such a powerful and sacred way of honouring and celebrating the births of my two children. Steffi powerfully held space for me to silently process the magnitude of growth and expansion that giving birth offers.


The sacred items she uses for each ritual, her presence, her beautiful singing voice, the drumming, her poetic spoken word all created a potent container for deep peace, honouring and release.

I experienced a deep grounding, over flowing gratitude for the female body, healing insights and was left feeling full of power, clarity and feminine softness ready to continue my mothering journey with grace. Every birthing mother deserves such a ritual.“

Courtney, Entrepreneur, Mother of Ruby & Byron

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