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Birthwork Circle

The Birth Circle provides a monthly sanctuary to celebrate & honour both the inner and outer passage through Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond, while offering the opportunity for enriching connection with other women.


Incorporating Nurturing Meditation, Body, Breath & Baby Awareness Practices, Therapeutic Art Play, Simple Ritual and Birth Story Medicine each circle will both nourish, educate and deepen your pregnant and new mothering experience.

'Steffi's influence and Birth Circle played such a big part in my journey. She creates such an open and honest space for women to share in. This space enabled me to feel present with myself which is where the needed healing and the insights could occur. I feel so blessed to have had this treasured opportunity through my pregnancy and early mothering'

Oneewa, Composer, Mother of Eleren & Heather  


“Steffi supported me through recovery from the traumatic birth of my first child. This birth had devastating effects on both my physical and emotional body. Her birth circles are a potent force from which women can gather, acknowledge and recognise the sacred gifts that all birth experiences offer us if we decide to work with them.”

Josette, Social Worker, Mother of Jarrah & Balin

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